“life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself”

I’m Kayla and I was born and raised in New England which has exposed me to so many beautiful places. I love all things outdoors – I feel most at home amongst the trees. I spend as much time outside and hiking as possible, you can also find me practicing yoga, gardening, reading, and journaling. I am extremely passionate about our planet and live to lead a sustainable, holistic lifestyle.

I have always loved being outside exploring nature as well as taking pictures and capturing moments. Over these last few years I have really began to pursue my passion for photography. When I first started my photography journey I wanted to capture all the places I was exploring; then I started capturing the people I was with in the beautiful locations we would wander to.

I wanted to combine all of my passions into one mainstream lifestyle. With doing that the idea of this blog, kaylawanders, was born. I wanted to create a place I could share my photography but also write about all the things I enjoy doing and places I am seeing. I invite you to join my journey – check out the photography page and maybe read a blog or two!

I hope to inspire as many people as possible to get outside and explore nature.