“life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself”

I’m Kayla and I’m the face behind the lens! I am born and raised in New England which has exposed me to so many beautiful places. I love all things outdoors – I feel most at home amongst the trees. I also love live music & concerts, writing, reading (i’m a sucker for a good romance novel) and movies .

Growing up in New England I was always outdoors either riding my bike, playing with the neighborhood kids, or exploring the forest that was right across the street from my house! I have always loved taking pictures and capturing moments but it wasn’t until recent years that I have really began pursuing it. When I first started my photography journey I wanted to capture all the places I was exploring. I then started capturing the people I was with in the beautiful locations we would wander to.

My goal as a photographer is to get everyone outdoors and submersed in nature. The outdoors offer so much out of the ordinary that every picture is sure to be original – the beautiful backdrops and natural lighting offer everything you need.