Come spring, summer, and early fall you will often find us off camping on the weekends. So here is a quick list of everything I try to bring with us.

Basics For Any Camping Adventure:

  1. The first and most obvious thing is your tent, right now I have the Coleman Sunedome 4-Person Tent. Its really spacious and pretty easy to set up (we often times end up setting up camp in the dark and we’ve never had trouble!)
  2. I have 2 sleeping pads both REI – the first is a full size (more like an air mattress) and the second one is a kids pad
  3. Sleeping bags – we have REI 15 degree bags
  4. Sometimes if the trip is a bit more planned out I’ll remember to toss a pillow in the car, often times I don’t – so I have inflatable ones in the trunk.
  5. Serac Hammock – perfect for early morning or late evening lounging
  6. Chairs for hanging out around the fire

***Side note as of 2019 we got a Tepui rooftop tent (it’s AMAZING) – we have the 4 person Autana Explorer series***


  1. JetBoil – literally game changing/life saving, and will become your best friend for any and all adventures
  2. Cast Iron pans – perfect for cooking on the open fire
  3. If staying at a campground with picnic tables at every site – an outdoor table cloth (grab one at the dollar store)
  4. I have a camp kettle & camp stove (not a camp necessity for us but maybe for you!)
  5. Reusable utensils
  6. Refillable water bottles (Nalgene) – I usually bring 3 or 4
  7. Cooler – we have a Yeti 45 cooler a bit pricey but totally worth it!
  8. Food (obviously) – this is where it becomes campers choice


  1. LAYERS, LAYERS, LAYERS! Even in summer bring layers with you.
  2. Always have a rain jacket handy
  3. A fleece or warm hoodie – nighttime in the mountains is chilly regardless the time of year
  4. Some type of waterproof sandal or shower shoe – I have a pair of Teva sandals but a pair of cheap flip flops works just as well
  5. Hiking boots – of course if you don’t plan on hiking sneakers will do
  6. I wear my Birkenstocks basically the entire time I am at camp (a lot of people use crocs as camp shoes too!)


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